"The waffles were so good, I forgot to take photos of them!" Me - to Lou while she was eating pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. 


Yes, that was how our day started. To busy eating waffles and chatting to my good friend Lou, that I completely forgot to take pics of the fantastic waffles from Waffle On in the city. I also waited to start shooting until after Lou had her 2nd breakfast in Degraves Street. Yes, lots of food you may think, but I can explain...

Lou (with her two girls - Sunny & Scout) came into the centre of Melbourne to meet me for a catch-up, food and of course for some photos. Lou was kind enough to let me take some photos of for her blog 'Hey baby Buma'. As you can probably see from these pics (and the food mentioned), Lou is now into her 34th week of her pregnancy.

Thankfully Melbourne turned on a beautiful late autumn day, for us all to walk, talk and eat some more (the eating finished after we stopped for some delicious cupcakes. Hey! We walked a lot, so we got hungry OK?).

Thanks to Lou and her kids for a fun day, and to Lou for letting me test out her Canon 5d MkIII. Hm...will this digital replace my film cameras? No chance :)

You can follow Lou's pregnancy (and see some more from the shoot) here: http://sunnybuma.blogspot.com.au/

Cameras: Canon 5d MkIII, Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Tri-X film.